IRS under scrutiny over ammunitions purchases and controversial job posting

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IRS under scrutiny over ammunitions purchases and controversial job posting

Why does the IRS need $700,000 worth of ammunition?

A controversial IRS job posting  that includes the duty to “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary,” has caused a stir on social media following efforts by Congress to greatly increase the budget and duties of the agency.



The Biden Administration’s “Inflation Reduction Act” seeks to expand the IRS workforce with an additional 87,000 agents and an $80 Billion dollar budget. According to the Americans for Tax Reform President, Grover Norquist, the agency is “massively increasing their ability to audit,” targeting independent contractors and small businesses.

More investigation and opposition to this overreach is needed since Congress does not have authority to grant police power to the IRS, hire thousands more agents to target Americans, or to purchase ammunition. This alphabet agency and others are unconstitutional and need to be audited, liquidated, and shut down. -JD


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Note: Important statement from Tulsi Gabbard, though to clarify, the USA is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. -JD